There are different kind of Multimedia software, some are used to edit and create images, some are used to edit and create audio, and some are used to edit and create video. It depends upon the need of the user that what he wants. Multimedia technology have make visualization better for products. Many companies are using this technology to get benefit out of it. Before Multimedia it was hard to convey message in a short form but now it is possible. Companies are even making short videos using animation to convey message. These softwares are available for free in this website. You can simply download and install them.
Adobe Aftereffect:
It is used to deal with motion graphics, digital visual effects adding effects that are used in animation for post-production and movie making. It have a huge library of plugins, you can also use third-party plugins available for this. You can also ender 3D effects. You can use and edit moving objects and add any effect of your choice on them. It is available free right in this website.
Adobe Premiere:
It is a timeline based video editing tool. It have pro level features that make it more interesting like web development design, graphic designing, video editing. It provides high resolution videos that are up to 1020*8192. It offers 32-bit per channel color in RGB as well was YUV.

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